Imaginal Self

Your Word is Magic

If you don’t know already…
“Your word is magic!”
We have the power to cast spells with our words.
You see, we plant ideas in our own brains and in the brains of others. In fertile minds those ideas sprout and grow over time. We eventually reap the fruits of what we have planted. So plant wisely with each word you share.

“Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power. By words one of us can give another the greatest happiness or bring about utter despair; by words the teacher imparts his knowledge to the student; by words the orator sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth emotions and are universally the means by which we influence our fellow-creatures.”

– Sigmund Freud

There are all kinds of things planted in your brain from your past. Not all of it has been in service of your well being. Some things that have been planted have been toxic weeds, squeezing out the life of any inspiring ideas you may be trying to cultivate.
Here’s some shitty ideas that could be planted in there.
“You’re a loser!” “You can’t do anything right” “You’re a worthless piece of shit.”
These toxic ideas (and anything of similar nature) need to be tossed away and composted! They are neither true, nor are they serving your ability to grow and evolve.
(By the way, I fucking love swear words. I don’t see them as negative curses by themselves. I see them as exclamation points!!! Yet, I do fucking think we can fucking overdo it on fucking exclamations sometimes!!!!!!! So sprinkle them strategically through your sentences and be mindful of your audience. Your girlfriend’s dad may be a bit less receptive to your swearing than some bros in a locker room.)
I am not always wise with my words. Somedays (esp. around certain times of the month ) I am utterly stupefied by them. Yet, I do my best. Which is all we can ever do.
Another fascinating tool for wielding the magic wand of your tongue wisely, is how you wave it. By that I mean that it’s not just your words but the tone in which you say them. This is something text messaging omits completely and why misunderstandings happen all the time through texts. (Thank goodness for emojies! 😉
Another way we communicate is through the body. English is my second language and before I could speak the words, I spoke in the language of the body. I picked up on the subtleties of communication through tone, which is definitely louder than the words themselves.
(It is for this reason that I feel like I am telepathic some days. I can read people’s minds through their body language. Anyone else feel me on this?)
We cast all kinds of spells unconsciously towards others and towards ourselves.
How many times have we let lose words that cast a spell that cursed another?
“You’re kidding yourself right!”
“Oh, stop with those silly ideas.”
Or what about the spells we cast on another through gossip? “Oh, I heard Jenny’s a slut!”
Once we have planted the spell in another’s mind, it begins to shape their lens of perception. This makes them look for all kinds of validation for that perspective while omitting anything proving otherwise.
We say magic is” just a bunch of hocus pocus” and yet we unconsciously use it everyday to impact reality.
When you awaken to this truth, you can become immune to other people’s unconscious spells and words. You can notice the bullshit that’s being thrown in your direction and just duck out of the way.
So, be discerning about the spells you allow to sprout in your mind and use your wands wisely my friends!  Cast spells to bless!
Warm wishes,