Imaginal Self

Hi! I'm Veneta!

My mission is to inspire you to fully taste every precious drop of  this one wild and precious life” that we are each given.


A bit of my history...

My early caterpillar days were packed full of all kinds of insecurities


I suffered from chronic anxiety which brought on debilitating depression and even suicidal ideations.


The negative self beliefs infected my life in many ways, bringing on painful self sabotage and abuse with all kinds of toxic substances and situations.  


After I had one of the most terrifying panic attacks of my life, I humbly realized that I needed some help and started diving into the world of Personal Development.

Seeing how much of my pain was caused by my mindset and beliefs, I became deeply inspired to help spread this knowledge and free others of the suffering created by their own minds as well.

This passion set me of on a trajectory to get my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Yet, after interning at a children's home, suicide prevention hotline, mental health center, and domestic violence hotline,  I not only got burnt out, but also became deeply disillusioned by the field of western psychology

I felt that the common combination of talk therapy and pharmaceuticals was missing some major components; elements like the rest of the body below the neck, the imagination, our connection to nature, and the spirit.   

This inquiry pushed me to courageously leave my home town near Chicago and set me on the adventurous quest in search for alternative ways of healing ourselves.  


This is where yoga stretched into my life.

At first, I was attracted to the practice to get my butt to look good in yoga pants; yet, I quickly discovered that the practice has so much more to it than the result of a nice ass.

As I laid in Savasana (final resting “corpse pose“) and tears started pouring out of me from all the years of repressed emotions. I started to realize the profound implications yoga had for my mind as well. 

Reflecting on my corpse (and inevitable mortality) also triggered quite the existential quarter life crisis

I saw the path being glorified and pushed in front of me (of material acquisition, corporate success, marriage, house, and kids)  and something about it just didn’t sit right in my heart at that time.

So... I took a LEAP OF FAITH

and ventured out of the comfort zone of the traditional path. 

I decided that a ski season in the mountains of Colorado would be just what I needed to find a connection to my soul.


I never could have imagined that the “just one ski season” would turn into an endless love of wanderlust and spiritual inquiry.


This blog is over a decade worth of stories and epiphanies I’ve had along the journey of self discovery and self love.

May it ignite a spark in your heart and inspire a transformational journey of your own.  



Sex, Drugs, and Eloping

IMG_2848 (1)


Celibacy, Cleansing, and Divorce

v fly


Plant Medicine and the Middle Path

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As Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" indicates,

once you have stepped outside of the cave,

you can never unknow what you now know and you can never un-see what you saw outside in the light.


It’s impossible to try and explain the majesty of what life can be to those still inhabiting the cave. This site is created to offer a tiny portal into that potential world.

The truth is, I will never fit back comfortably in the cocoon I came from; my wings have grown too big.

Transformation and stepping outside of your comfort zone is a scary process for many people. This is why rights of passage and wise guides are so important.

If you are on the verge of your own metamorphosis, reach out! It’s time to awaken your imaginal self so that you too can expand your wings and fly!

Alternative Healing Modalites



Nature and Plant Medicine


Yoga and Dance


Art and the Imagination


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