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Stop fighting with yourself! 

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To free your light you must face your shadow.


As we look towards the light, the shadow is standing behind us, just out of view.


The "shadow" is a psychological term for everything we can't see by ourselves. It's the sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that sit in our blind spots and subtly infect every area of our lives. 


When we turn to face it and confront it with courage and compassion, it can finally be transmuted and transformed. 


To do this we need mirrors, guides, and conscious community which is willing to walk with us through the fires of transformation. 


Don't try to do this alone! If not with me, please find someone that can support you through this delicate process. 

What area are you needing support in?

Self Love

The foundation to all of our relationships is the relationship we have with ourself. Let's uproot any self sabotage standing in the way of the life you dream of.


Relationships can challenge us to our core! It is unfortunate that our society doesn't teach us communication and self awareness skills to be able to navigate this are with harmony. Let's discover a new way of doing things.


Grief is intensely painful. Often we dont have the safe space to truely feel what we are feeling and be able to ask for the support that can truely bring healing to our suffering. I offer a safe space for your wounds to be seen and held.


Rights of passage are needed as one part of our life collapses and another begs to be born. These challenging times ask for supportive allies and people that can help midwife the new chapter of your life. You don't have to do this alone.

Well Being

The body is a temple that our spirit can rest and play in. We need to honor it as such and give it the loving support that it needs. Often times we can get caught in neglect and self sabotage. Let's break that cycle and fully embrace all that we are.

Personal Summit

You have visions for where you would like to see yourself. The journey towards success is filled with non-stop road blocks, detours, and challenges. It can be so disheartening, especially when people around your don't know how to support you along the path. Let me be your accountability partner and relentless optimist.

You dont have to do this alone

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It's time for you to step into your power! Express yourself, your wishes, and your boundries with confidance. 

Self Love

We teach people how to love us by how we love ourselves. Fall in love with the beautiful gift of your body, mind, and spirit.  


Liberate yourself from the restraints blocking your heart and let your radiance shine out into the world. 



Veneta is a GEM! I would absolutely recommend her! I was going through an incredibly difficult time , both emotionally and physically, and felt lost. All my old go-to techniques seemed to be failing me. I appreciated that Veneta not only gave me hope and was incredibly compassionate and present as I spoke, but also offered me practical step by step practices I could apply right away to set me on a path & move in a brighter direction. She was very intuitive in tuning into what would help me best, and had a wealth of knowledge, along with warmth and insight. She is truly gifted to do this type of work. The sessions we had were high quality. I still use her guidance as touchstones. Ive felt more empowered and hopeful with her than I had from years of therapy or self help books! I feel Veneta holds so much wisdom , and her background in various trainings lends to her knowledge to assist on the spiritual, practical and even nutritional sides of an issue. What an Intelligent woman she is! Each coaching session was so valuable to me. I would reach out to her again should I be needing support

Lydia Thieme

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There are some people who are born mentors and leaders- Veneta Nikolova is one of those people. She has the ability to listen objectively and without judgment. She has the ability to guide you, keeping your best interests and options in mind. She has the ability to motivate you while being realistic about your unique circumstances. She is absolutely incredible and you won't regret having her as a mentor

‎Laurie Mentgen‎