Imaginal Self

Magical Lens of Perception (video)

Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, I already know how this is going to go.”
or “I already know how this person will act.”?
We label (or “curse”) things with our stamp of righteousness and we close off possibility to an alternative perspective that may prove that our beliefs are not all encompassing. This attachment to our beliefs is the root cause to many arguments throughout the world.
We then, not only, start to look for proof to prove right our predetermined beliefs, but we sometimes end up creating self fulfilling prophesies by unconsciously behaving in ways that pulls the proof or those beliefs towards us. (Ex: A woman who believes she will be dumped starts acting neurotic and gets dumped due to her behavior.)
This tendency of the mind to look for proof for our belief can both serve us or sabotage us, depending on what beliefs we look to reinforce.

For a deeper look at shifting your lens, check out the episode on Reprogramming Your Brain.

Keep wearing that magical lens my friends! I promise you will start to see miracles that have been under your nose the whole time.

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