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Indecision is Causing You Suffering (video)

If you have ever been faced with a decision, you know the vast amount of time and energy that gets spent sitting on the fence.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is straight up torture! The longer you sit the more stress you accumulate in your body.

Start to bring yourself into the present moment by focusing your attention on the breath. Allowing yourself to feel that in this moment all is well. This gives your body a chance to re-equilibrate. It is from this heart-brain-coherent state that you can access more of your prefrontal cortex brain which executes executive functions, like rational decision making.

Allow yourself to explore each decision path fully in your mind. Giving time to imagine each route as if you have chosen it. Notice how you feel in each direction.

Consider who else is influencing your decision. Are you choosing this decision based on your truth, or are you doing it to please another?

At some point you are going to have to accept that you can’t have all routes (and in some circumstances, sitting in indecision may cost you all optional routes). You are going to need to let go of any consequences that will result in your choice and start to move in a direction!

Once you have chosen. Allow yourself a moment to grieve the alternative(s) and truly close the door. Focus your energy into making the route you have chosen the best it can possibly be.

Once you start moving in your direction, check in regularly and keep realigning yourself if it doesn’t feel right.

And if all else fails, flip a coin. If you want to flip it 2/3 then it may be a good indicator that you truly wanted the other choice more. Go with the other choice.


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