Imaginal Self

The Imaginal Story

Many of us have heard of the incredible metamorphosis journey of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Yet in the scientific details of this process, sits an illuminating reflection of humanity.

Society is ripe for a metamorphosis

Much like the Imaginal cells of a future butterfly, we visionaries must awaken to our true selves, empower one another, and step into harmonious action that facilitates a tipping point towards a new potential for humanity.

Caterpillar Patterns

Are you feeling stuck in patterns that keep looping you around to the same kinds of unsatisfying results over and over?


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Cocoon Container

When one is going through a transition,  having a safe container to be authentically seen by loving people that can hold space for you is vital to a successful metamorphosis.

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Butterfly Emergence

Join us on one of our workshops or retreats as we step into a new embodiment of who we are.

Are you being called to go on a Vision Quest?

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With all the Imaginal workshops, retreats, and projects, we collectively create a safe space to share ideas and magnify the voices of those who are fostering new and inspiring possibilities for themselves and humanity.

My explorations and lifestyle are dedicated to the inquiry of what it takes to “BE the change we wish to see in the world.”

If you are an inquisitive Imaginal like myself, you are not alone. I bring together a community of like minded individuals with similar frustrations, perspectives, and desire to thrive.

I aspire to inspire seekers around the world to sprout and feel empowered in their visions so that they can be fully self expressed in their authentic selves and confidently create life missions that leave positive seeds which continue to sprout beyond our lifetime.

The work begings within ourselves. 

Are you ready for to ignite your metamorphosis?

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