Imaginal Self

Musings on Metamorphosis

The Imaginal Cells within you hold the Secret to your Metamorphosis

Within you are dormant potentials waiting to be unleashed. The metamorphosis story of the butterfly is a beautiful reflection of the possibility of our own transformation as well. Have courage and keep directing your energy towards your Imaginal Self. Soon enough you will spread your wings and fly in a way you never thought was possible for you.

Indecision is Causing You Suffering

Sitting on the fence of a decision is causing you suffering. Start to move in a direction! Any direction! It is better than sitting in the torture of indecision. Once you start moving you can realign if it doesn't feel right.

Put on a Magical Lens of Perception

Our ego wants to be right about our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Even when those beliefs are not so supportive. Our beliefs make up the lens through which we see and filter out information. Is your lens of perception allowing you to see the beauty and magic around you or is it tinting your view towards one of hopelessness and despair? Notice what you notice and start noticing the magic you may be walking right past.

Reprogram Your Brain

We get programmed from an early age from society and our upbringing. Are you aware of the programs you have inherited? Are they serving you or hurting you?

I’m currently recording some fun inspiration for you all. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know as soon as the videos are out.

Much love!



Connect to yourself

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Connect to eachother

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Connect to the earth

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