Imaginal Self

“Fine” is a Four Letter Word

Have you ever gone to your doctor, only to be told “you’re fine!” and swept out of the office?
Yet, deep down you know that while, yes, you are healthy and death is not knocking on your door, you could stand to improve where you are and optimize your health and wellness.
I believe that it leaves us complacent with “good enough.”
Yes, there are times in life where perfectionism can be a neurosis and you do need to settle for perfectly imperfect and find love and appreciation for where you are.
Yet, often times that is not the case. People can improve in many areas of their life, yet they get comfortable and settle.
Where are you settling?
Is it your relationships, health, diet, sex life, work?
If we fast forward to your death bed and I asked you, “How was your life?” would you really feel ok with the answer, “I guess it was fine.”
No way!!
“Fine” does not cut it in my book.
You are given only ONE wild and precious life to be you!
On my death bed, I want to say, “My life has been FUCKING EPIC!”
And the truth is, it has been! I could die tomorrow and would be stoked for what I have had the privilege to experience so far.
It wasn’t that I have had no shit to deal with. We all have our battles; some worse than others.
We all have certain unique privileges and disadvantages.
My life has not been easy, but the challenges have been so fucking worth it!
I will not settle for “fine” and “good enough.”
You know…it’s possible to get comfortable standing in shit. “Oh, it’s not so bad” we tell ourselves.
“At least I’m not ___ (fill in the blank with some excuse to make yourself feel better.)
I say, “STOP with the ‘at least I’m not___'” It’s keeping you small!
Yes, there is a time and place for gratitude and self acceptance to love yourself where you are, yet don’t get stuck there. Get clear on where you want to be and take the action steps to get there.
The struggle to get there is part of what makes your life epic. Learn to love it!
For support into stepping into the next version of yourself, check out my one-on-one coaching services. I can help you reignite that light in your heart and spark that fire under your butt so you can start to take action in a new direction.