Imaginal Self

Commitment is Not a Trap

So many people are afraid of commitment.

The “ball and chain” image comes to mind. Shit.. who wants to be (or have) a ball and chain. Not I!

Yet, I don’t see commitment as a life sentence to a prison of tortured restraint. I see it as a fun challenge that helps your wings get stronger.

I think one reason so many people are afraid of commitment is because their experience of love has been witnessing too many co-dependent examples for what a union looks like.

Co-dependence looks like two people trying to balance while holding hands. Yet instead of helping each other, they are both wobbly and blaming the other person for throwing them off balance, while also expecting the other person to hold them up.

No wonder people run! That is not the type of commitment I care to be in either.

I would rather go solo rider through my life as an independent woman.

Yet, there is another type of union that pulls at my heart strings. It is called “interdependence.”

Interdependence is team work. It is acrobatic yoga. It is co-creating a child. It is all the things that are impossible to do as an individual, yet sharing the goal with another gets you so much farther than you could ever even dream to attempt to reach on your own.

So, be bold my friend! Make commitments! Not from a place of drudgery, but from a place of taking on an exciting challenge to which the pursuit of will strengthen you in ways you didn’t even know existed within you.