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Magical Lens of Perception (video)

Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh, I already know how this is going to go.” or “I already know how this person will act.”? . We label (or “curse”) things with our stamp of righteousness and we close off possibility to an alternative perspective that may prove that our beliefs are not all encompassing. This attachment…

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Reprogram Your Brain (video)

Both nature and nurture have an impact on the way our brain gets shaped. Some of the way we are is based on a genetic inheritance, yet there is quite a lot that comes from the programs we have installed into our mind through nurture and socialization. We get programmed from an early age from…

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Welcome to my Blog

Greetings my dear Imaginal friend! You have just entered the portal of my mind. May it entertain and inspire you to expand your inner world and bring more harmony, beauty, and adventure to your life. I love to use both sides of my brain. The left side for the logical world of psychology and business,…

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People can be mirrors for our shadow

What does it mean to be a mirror? A mirror gives you a reflection, like pointing out the spinach you had sitting in your teeth. People can be mirrors that help us see our blind spots in behavior, like pointing out how bitchy we are to that one family member. Some people go off into…

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Your Word is Magic

I come to you today to teach you some mischief!

If you don’t know already…
“Your word is magic”

We have the power to create spells with our words.

We plant ideas in ourselves and others.

Curses, “Damn you!”

Blessings, “you fucking rock!”

swear words for me are just exclamation points. It’s how they are arranged that makes them a blessing of a curse.

I am not always wise with my words.

Somedays, around certain times of the month… I am utterly stupified by them.

having another language is fun because you can say all kinds of blessings,

Zashto si tolkova umen!? ”

and while the receiver may not understand the words, they can pick up on the tone and energy of it…

which is sometimes louder than the words themselves.

I believe that our dear president won t

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“Fine” is a Four Letter Word

if we fast forward to your death bed and i asked you, “how was your life?” would you really want to answer,”fine!”

fuck that!

Fine does not cut it in my book.

My life has been fucking epic. I could die tomorrow and be stoked for what I have had the privilege to experience.

It wasn’t that i have had no shit. We all have our battles.
We all have certain privileges and certain disadvantages.

It has not been easy. But it’s been fucking worth it.

it’s possible to get comfortable standing in shit.

at least I’m not…

stop with the at “least i’m not!” It’s keeping you small.

yet there is a time and place for gratitude. and self acceptance and love where you are… Yet don’t get stuck there. Get clear on where you want to be and take the action steps to get there.

Because the struggle to get there is part of what makes your life epic.

so if you’re sitting in a fine luke warm shit pile… and just barring it.. It’s time we get a call.

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