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Welcome to my Blog

Greetings my dear Imaginal friend! You have just entered the portal of my mind. May it entertain and inspire you to expand your inner world and bring more harmony, beauty, and adventure to your life. I love to use both sides of my brain. The left side for the logical world of psychology and business,…

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Your Partner is Not Your Therapist

Your partner is not your therapist. They are not your healer, your coach, nor should they be your accountability buddy. Stop trying to make them these things! It will sabotage your connection to try and place them in this role. This lesson has been a hard one for me to learn. When I have been…

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“Fine” is a Four Letter Word

if we fast forward to your death bed and i asked you, “how was your life?” would you really want to answer,”fine!”

fuck that!

Fine does not cut it in my book.

My life has been fucking epic. I could die tomorrow and be stoked for what I have had the privilege to experience.

It wasn’t that i have had no shit. We all have our battles.
We all have certain privileges and certain disadvantages.

It has not been easy. But it’s been fucking worth it.

it’s possible to get comfortable standing in shit.

at least I’m not…

stop with the at “least i’m not!” It’s keeping you small.

yet there is a time and place for gratitude. and self acceptance and love where you are… Yet don’t get stuck there. Get clear on where you want to be and take the action steps to get there.

Because the struggle to get there is part of what makes your life epic.

so if you’re sitting in a fine luke warm shit pile… and just barring it.. It’s time we get a call.

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